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Use Advanced Security for Outlook to learn what programs are trying to access Microsoft Outlook
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31 March 2014

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There are many viruses and spying programs which are not even detected by the antivirus we use. These programs then send mails from your outlook concerning valuable information to other people without your consent.To block such illegal activities and give a hand in various security aspects of Outlook we present you Advanced Security for Outlook 1.43 which is a perfect solution against those programs. Advanced Security will make you sure that if any malware tries to access any item from your Outlookand send any email for your PC it will surely notify you and make aware of any illegal mail sending activity going on. This tool can permanently help you get rid of such problem with mere click of the buttons. So you need not worry as neither of any illegal accessing of items in your Outlook nor will you be troubled with continuous similar kinds of alerts.

This security tool is a very secure application that provides a very protective shield for any anonymous programs sending mails from your PC. You will find most similar security software that has many shortcomings like they does not enable users to get to the root of the threat and plus a series of warnings that gets displayed making you irritated. Another or should we say the biggest disadvantage that other security software program provides is that if you block all the security systems of this application then it will make any other program in your system to work without any sorts of restrictions of security system. But fortunately this Outlook security program provides the users with the types of alerts along with specifying the kind of program that caused illegal activity and permanently blocking such activities to occur again.

The interface of this security software is very simple to operate which enable navigating through it effortlessly. We rate this free yet powerful security software with a score of four points for its overall neat performance.

Publisher's description

Get rid of the annoying security alerts in Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, 2007, 210 and 2013! Advanced Security for Outlook allows you to determine the violator and specify the permanent action for this program (and only this program!) : allow access, block access or run the default Outlook handler. In the future, the specified action will be executed automatically and Outlook Security will not annoy you with messages about trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Microsoft Outlook. The standard security system has two drawbacks: first, it does not allow users to determine the source of the threat, and second, a lot of other applications developed before the security system appeared can be extremely annoying due to their constantly displayed warnings. Since the security system is constantly updated, a "fresh" program can access a list of such applications quite easily. There is still yet another drawback resulting from the first two: when the user temporarily disables the security system this allows any other program also to work without any security system restrictions. Our software solves all of the above problems providing the information not only about the type of alert, but also about what program caused it and makes it possible to specify for this (and only this!) program a permanent course of action: allow access, block access or run the default Outlook handler. Later on you can change or delete the action chosen. It should be mentioned that there is a range of tasks (which is rather narrow) that an Outlook developer can implement only through the use of the object model and its "blocked" methods. In this case, Advanced Security is an indispensable program when using such an application. This program has English, German and Russian interfaces. Product homepage:
Advanced Security for Outlook
Advanced Security for Outlook
Version 2.10
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